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Introducing Breeze FX: Transform Your Photo Booth with Cloud-Based AI

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The Future of Photo Booth Transformations

Take your photo booth experience to a whole new level by harnessing the power of cloud-based AI with Breeze FX. Effortlessly upload photos captured at your photo booth and utilize our AI-driven features to create magical transformations.

AI Face Swap

Transform your photos captured at the photo booth with ease by utilizing Breeze FX's AI face swap feature. Upload a target image, and watch as our cloud-based AI seamlessly swaps faces, creating hilarious and captivating results.

Text to Image

With Breeze FX, you can go beyond simple filters and editing. Use text-to-image prompts to unleash your creativity and give your booth photos a unique artistic flair. Transform images in innovative ways that you never thought possible.

Before & After

Breeze FX simplifies before-and-after comparisons. Use the powerful Print Layout editor to display the original and transformed images side by side. It's a compelling way to highlight the remarkable changes our software can achieve.

Surveys & Profiles

Fine-tune results by using surveys and profiles. Present guests with tailored questions (for example, age, gender, skin tone) to allow Breeze FX to precisely customize transformations, ensuring guests enjoy a personalized and memorable photo booth experience.

Cloud Setup

Breeze FX operates seamlessly in the cloud, offering the flexibility to select between face swap or text-to-image AI transformations; simply configure and copy the generated URL into Breeze software, allowing your photos to be processed efficiently, delivering engaging and dynamic results.

Usage Based

Breeze FX offers a flexible credit-based payment system, allowing users to pay for their specific needs, with additional discounts available for bulk purchases, ensuring affordability and customization.

3rd Party Dev

We also provide opportunities for 3rd party developers to leverage our core technology and develop their own integrations using Breeze Software products, fostering innovation and expanding the possibilities of our platform.

Breeze FX Tutorials

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