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24th June 2015, Please note: Breeze Systems plans to remove PSRemote Multi-Camera from sale after 1st October 2015

Control multiple Canon PowerShot S5 IS, A640, SX100 IS, SX110 IS, G7, G9 or G10 cameras from a single PC running Windows XP (32-bit only), Windows Vista (32-bit only), Windows 7 or Windows 8. All the standard features of PSRemote apart from photobooth mode plus the following:

  • Control the settings of all the cameras from a single PC (e.g. setting Exposure mode, Tv, Av, Zoom, ISO etc.)
  • Synchronize camera settings
  • Select an individual camera and take preview shots
  • Take a picture on all cameras from the PC or select individual cameras and take pictures
  • Automatically download the images to the PC and name them according to which camera took the picture

a free fully functional 15-day trial version which supports up to 4 cameras.

A simple, low cost product photography setup using PSRemote Multi-Camera
with 3 Canon PowerShot A640 cameras to take front, side and 3/4 view shots of small products

3 shots taken with the 3 camera setup shown above

Also available: DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera for controlling multiple Canon EOS digital SLR cameras:

Shooting a car advertisement at Santa Monica Airport
(DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera controlling 120 Canon EOS 30D cameras using 5 laptops)

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PSRemote Multi-Camera - Remote Capture Software for controlling multiple Canon PowerShot A640, SX100 IS, SX110 IS, S5 IS, G7, G9 or G10 cameras