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Breeze Booth is a highly customizable, fully featured photo booth app for the iPad and iPhone. It can create photos, slideshow GIFs, burst GIFs and videos and share them by email or text. Photos can be printed directly from the iPad using an AirPrint compatible printer or on other printers including professional dyesub printers using Breeze Hub.


Please note: References to iPad also apply to the iPhone unless otherwise noted in the rest of this help file


An online web based application provides tools for managing accounts, users, devices and subscriptions.


The Windows based event editor is used to create or edit events which are transferred to the iPad or iPhone via Dropbox or a web site.


Running Breeze Booth


Please see Running Breeze Booth for information on running the app including:

Getting started
App settings
Logging in and out
Updating events
Camera settings
Locking Down the iPad



Using the Web App


Please see Web App for information on managing accounts, users, devices and subscriptions:

Creating an Account and Logging into the Web App
Subscriptions and Vouchers


Creating and Editing Events


Please see Event Editor for detailed information on setting up events including:

Getting started
Creating Events
Editing events
General Settings
Virtual Prop Editor
Touchscreen Editor
Photo Settings
Print Layout Editor
Slideshow GIF Settings
Burst GIF Settings
GIF Layout Editor
Video Settings
Sharing Settings
Gallery and Slideshow Settings


Printing photos using Breeze Hub


Please see Breeze Hub for information about printing photos using an Windows compatible printer.


Customizing the App and Events


The following sections provide more detail about how the app can be customized:

White Label Options
Screens Displayed to the User
Keyboards and Surveys
Info Screens
Virtual Props
Keyboard shortcuts
QR Codes and Contactless Operation
AI Background Removal
Using Bluetooth





Breeze Booth can be downloaded from the App Store:





Sample events, the Event Editor and Breeze Hub can be downloaded from the Breeze Systems website.