Release history

was DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera

18 January 2021: v2.1.3

  • Added support for the Canon EOS R5
  • Added support for the Canon EOS R6
  • Added support for the Canon EOS M6 Mark II
  • Added support for the Canon EOS M50 Mark II/Kiss M2
  • Added support for the Canon EOS 850D/Rebel T8i/Kiss X10i
  • Added support for multiple animation frames per photo to the Multi-Camera Animator
  • Added “Use legacy app name” option to allow the DSLRRemoteLib.dll interface library to be used to control the app from other apps
31 July 2019: v2.1.2

Fixed an issue with downloading videos from recent camera models which save them as MP4 files


24 July 2019: v2.1.1

Added support for Canon EOS RP


Added support for Canon EOS 250D/Rebel SL3 (aka Canon EOS 200D II and Canon EOS Kiss X10)


Faster creation of MP4 video files using the MediaWriter option in the Multi-Camera Animator


Fixed a reliability issue when playing videos in photo booth mode that was caused by recent Windows updates


28 November 2018: v2.1

Added support for the Canon EOS R


Photo booth mode now supports cameras in portrait orientation


Photo booth mode can now display MP4 files full screen behind the live view images


Added a ready_no_live_view.jpg screen to photo booth mode to allow cameras to be triggered with minimal latency


Added the option to save GIFs and MP4s with UID filenames


Shortened the product name to “Multi-Camera”


24 July 2018: v2.0

Added photo booth mode


Added support for configuring the Esper Design TriggerBox camera trigger


Added support for Canon EOS 2000D/Rebel T7 (aka Canon EOS 1500D and Canon EOS Kiss X90)


Added support for Canon EOS 4000D (aka Canon EOS 3000D)


Added support for Canon EOS M50 (aka Canon EOS Kiss M)


MP4 files can now have an optional soundtrack


Clicking on bottom or top reference points when aligning an image now scales as well as rotates


11 December 2017: v1.9.5

Added support for the Canon EOS 6D Mark II


Added the option to save the current calibration settings with each set of downloaded photos


Added the option to run a command after saving the calibration settings after processing each set of photos


Updated the auto alignment tool to work with images in portrait orientation


The Multi-Camera Animator now supports raw+JPEG shooting


8 August 2017: v1.9.4

Added support for the Canon EOS 200D/Rebel SL2


The File->Setup for Multi-Camera Animator… option now checks that camera author strings have been set and are unique


Fixed a problem with the Picture style setting being hidden in the main window


29 June 2017: v1.9.3

Added support for the Canon EOS 77D and Canon EOS 800D/Rebel T7i


Added auto alignment option to the Multi-Camera Animator


Can now use {year}, {month}, {day}, {yearLess8h}, {monthLess8h}, {dayLess8h} tokens to create date based folders when using the Multi-Camera Animator


MP4 creation when using the Multi-Camera Animator now handles images from arrays containing a mixture of different camera models which may have slightly different aspect ratios


7 March 2017: v1.9.2

Multi-Camera Animator updated to allow the mouse to be used to calibrate the camera alignment, greatly reducing the time required for calibration


Additional warning messages displayed in the Multi-Camera Animator if it detects that DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera is not set up correctly


Added a menu item to the File menu to check the settings are set correctly for using the Multi-Camera Animator


Added the ability to save the Multi-Camera Animator settings to file and to load them by drag and drop or via the command line


2 November 2016: v1.9.1

Added support for the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV


Added multi-view mode which displays a grid showing the previews from each camera


The Multi-Camera Animator utility now supports the creation of MP4 files


GIFs created using the Multi-Camera Animator utility can now use indexed color to give better detail


Added a menu item to the File menu to launch the Multi-Camera Animator utility


4 August 2016: v1.9

Added support for the Canon EOS 1300D/Rebel T6, Canon EOS 80D and Canon EOS-1D X Mark II


Added optional buttons in live view to make it easier to select cameras and zoom live view when using a touchscreen


Added Multi-Camera Animator utility to stabilize the photos from the cameras and automatically create animated GIFs


15 July 2015: v1.8.2

Added support for the Canon EOS 5DS and Canon EOS 5DS R


Fixed a problem with a simplified GUI being displayed in v1.8.1


Fixed a problem naming raw+JPEG files when the filename prefix contains %#


24 June 2015: v1.8.1

Added support for Canon EOS 7D Mark II


Added support for Canon EOS 750D/Rebel T6i and Canon EOS 760D/Rebel T6s


Added the option to shoot raw+JPEG with raw and JPEGs saved to the cameras’ memory cards and the JPEGs downloaded to the PC


Added the option to download photos saved to the cameras’ memory cards


Fixed a problem enabling and disabling mirror lockup with some camera models (e.g. Canon EOS 100D/Rebel SL1)


9 April 2014: v1.8

Auto-reconnect mode now adds new cameras automatically as they are detected and disconnects cameras that go off line without disconnecting all cameras


Added support for the Canon EOS 1200D/Rebel T5


Added Shift+F8 keyboard shortcut to take photo with only the currently selected camera when “Gang camera shutter releases together” is selected


Added the option to sort cameras by author string or owner string


Fixed a problem with anaglyph stereo not working in multi-live view that affected DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera versions 1.7.4 and 1.7.5


6 December 2013: v1.7.5

Added support for the Canon EOS-1D C


27 September 2013: v1.7.4

Added support for the Canon EOS 70D


22 June 2013: v1.7.3.1

Fixed a problem in DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera v1.7.3 which limited the registered version of the software to only being able to connect to 2 cameras


13 June 2013: v1.7.3

Added support for the Canon EOS 700D/Rebel T5i


Added support for the Canon EOS 100D/Rebel SL1


23 January 2013: v1.7.2

Added electronic level display in single camera live view for the Canon EOS 6D, Canon EOS 5D Mark III and Canon EOS-1D X. This is selected by typing Ctrl+E or by right clicking on the live view display and selecting the “Display electronic level” menu option


Added the ability to select mirror lockup with the following cameras: Canon EOS-1D X, Canon EOS-1D Mark IV, Canon EOS-1D Mark III, Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III, Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 6D, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EOS 60D, Canon EOS 50D, Canon EOS 40D, Canon EOS 650D/Rebel T4i, Canon EOS 600D/Rebel T3i, Canon EOS 550D/Rebel T2i, Canon EOS 1000D/Rebel XS


Fixed a problem displaying the camera owner string in the camera settings dialog


Multi-camera live view now supports the display of live view images from up to 36 cameras


9 January 2013: v1.7.1

Added support for the Canon EOS 6D


6 November 2012: v1.7

Added support for the Canon EOS-1D X


Added a new “single camera per instance” mode which allows several copies of DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera to be run with each connected to one camera. This can provide a more resilient solution with faster download speeds than controlling multiple cameras from a single PC


The option to synchronize multiple copies of DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera can now use one folder for synchronizing settings and a different folder for downloading images


Live view display can now display a PNG overlay file to aid camera alignment


24 September 2012: v1.6.1.1


Fixed a problem scanning barcode letters using some barcode readers


14 August 2012: v1.6.1

Added support for the Canon EOS 650D/Rebel T4i


Barcode input now accepts letters as well as digits


11 June 2012: v1.6

Added support for the Canon EOS 5D Mark III


Added the option to flip and mirror the live view image when using the stereo anaglyph display option in multi-live view display with two cameras


12 October 2011: v1.5.3

Added the ability to set the exposure mode from the PC with the following camera models: EOS 500D/Rebel T1i, EOS 550D/Rebel T2i, EOS 1000D/Rebel XS, EOS 40D, EOS 50D, EOS 7D, EOS 5D Mark II


Added red/cyan stereo anaglyph display option to multi live view display when using two cameras


Added {author} and {copyright} tokens for accessing author and copyright information stored in images from newer camera models to allow more flexible file naming


GetCameraModel() function in DSLRRemoteLib.dll now returns owner string with camera model name


12 April 2011: v1.5.2

Added support for Canon EOS 600D/Rebel T3i and Canon EOS 1100D/Rebel T3


21 February 2011: v1.5.1

Fixed problems with the software crashing on some systems (mainly Windows XP)


22 November 2010: v1.5

Added support for Canon EOS 60D


Added option to use lower case file extensions for filenames of saved images


29 June 2010: v1.4.1

Fixed problems downloading videos and synchronizing camera clocks


14 May 2010: v1.4

Added initial support for video capture using multiple cameras


Multi Live View dialog is now non-modal to allow camera settings to be changed via the main window


23 March 2010: v1.3.3

Added support for the Canon EOS 550D/Rebel T2i


26 February 2010: v1.3.2

Fixed a problem selecting longest shutter speed with recent cameras when auto-bracketing


Fixed incorrect links to website purchase page


27 January 2010: v1.3.1

Added support for the Canon EOS-1D Mark IV


Improved reliability when taking bursts of shots with multiple cameras


11 December 2009: v1.3

Added support for the Canon EOS 7D


Fixed problems with saving images to the camera only


Now supports multiple camera control on Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit versions) and Windows Vista (32-bit versions)


14 May 2009: v1.2.2

Added support for the Canon EOS 500D/Rebel T1i


Extended auto-bracketing steps from a maximum of 2 stops to 4 stops per shot


Now supports auto-bracketing of multiple cameras (but not in raw+JPEG shooting mode)


Added option to format memory cards in the connected cameras


Removed spurious error message caused by a bug in the 40D, 50D and 5D Mark II when shooting with the drive mode set to self-timer 10 secs


Added option to play sound file called updated.wav when updating settings via a network


Added simultaneous live view display from all connected cameras which support live view


21 November 2008: v1.2.1

Added support for the Canon EOS 50D and Canon EOS 5D Mark II


Added %# token for filenaming to allow image numbers to be placed at the start of the filename for easy sorting


Added circle/ping-pong options for the order in which images are displayed in the sequence window


Now supports the synchronizing of camera settings when running controlling cameras using multiple PCs networked together

9 October 2008: v1.2

Added support for the Canon EOS 1000D/Rebel XS


Added sequence viewer to display a slideshow of images in a folder


Added subfolder option for easy creation of new subfolders


Added the ability to synchronize the settings between multiple copies of DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera running on different PCs


24 April 2008: v1.1

Added support for the Canon EOS 450D/Rebel XSi


Error and warning messages now cancel automatically after 10 secs when camera auto-reconnect is selected


23 January 2008: v1.0.6

Fixed a problem with image filename numbering when saving files


4 December 2007: v1.0.5

Added support for Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III


13 October 2007: v1.0.4

Added support for Canon EOS-1D Mark III and Canon EOS 40D


29 June 2007: v1.0.3

Added support for Windows Vista.
Note: due to a bug in the Canon SDK this does not work if all the cameras are the same model


10 May 2007: v1.0.2

Minor updates to DSLRRemoteLib.dll


Now supports time-lapse when images are saved to camera only


18 April 2007: v1.0.1

Updated DSLRRemoteLib.dll to support multi-camera operation


10 January 2007: v1.0

First public release with support for multiple Canon EOS 30D or Digital Rebel XTi/400D cameras on Windows XP