Booth ( Webcam + Windows)
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Product Details

Current Version: 2.6
Released: 1 July 2022
Platforms Supported: Intel processors running Windows 11 and Windows 10 (not Windows 11 S or 10 S). ARM/SQ1/SQ2 processors are not supported.
Cameras Supported: Web cameras with Windows 11 and Windows 10 drivers including web cams integrated into Windows laptops
Trial version: 15 days, fully featured.
Free upgrades: 12 months from purchase

Do you have ready made print templates I can use?

SMOVE have kindly provided two sets of print templates which are free for Breeze customers to use.
Download 6 x 4 templates here
Download 6 x 8 templates here

Does Webcam Photobooth support cameras built into a laptop?

Yes, you can either use a separate web camera or the one built into a Windows 11 or Windows 10 laptop..

What spec computer do I need to run the program?

Breeze software is very efficient. Booth (Webcam) runs on low powered Windows computers powered by Intel processors running Windows 11 or Windows 10. It may run more quickly and print faster on a more powerful machine. The software is also incredibly flexible. You can use it in many ways to produce and share photos, animated GIFs, and videos. Some operators demand lightening fast results, others offer a more leisurely service. This short post will help you choose the right computer to power your booth.

Can I match my booth lighting to the current screen?

Yes. You can find instructions to control booth lighting using either a Phidgets relay board (PhidgetInterfaceKit 0/0/4) or an I-PAC LED driver board here

How do I compress the MP4 video files created from AVI files?

Webcam Photobooth saves videos as uncompressed AVI files which can result in large file sizes. This script automatically monitors the video output folder for new AVI files and creates a compressed MP4 copy of the video in the subfolder named video_MP4.
The script can be downloaded from and is supplied "as is" without any warranty

Why can't I send emails from Gmail any more?

Google changed the requirements for authenticating Gmail emails in 2020. As a result many Gmail users found they could no longer send emails from third party apps. Gmail users now need to ‘authenticate’ ie approve third party applications which send emails from their gmail accounts. More Support for Gmail authentication will be added to the next release.

Why can't I upload images to Facebook?

Facebook withdrew the permissions required to upload photos from a desktop app in response to the Cambridge Analytica scandal in 2018. It is no longer possible to upload photos to Facebook directly from DSLR Remote Pro. Photos can be shared on Facebook by emailing or texting them to users where they will be able to share them using the Facebook app running on their own device. Alternatively upload the photos to a website or microsite and provide sharing links to allow users to share the photos on Facebook when they view the page on their device.