Breeze Multi-Camera Array

formerly DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera

Create smooth, beautifully aligned 3D animated GIFs and MP4 videos using multiple cameras.

Multi-Camera licenses are priced by the number of cameras supported, minimum 4 cameras. The free trial supports 4 cameras.


From high end events, to Hollywood blockbusters.

With a proven track record in high end events, blockbuster movies, advertising campaigns and even the National Geographic, Breeze Multi-Camera gives you full creative control with branded overlays, custom screens, green screen support and more.

Go big, or go small.

From small event rigs with 5-15 camera's right through to full 360 degree rigs with hundreds of cameras.

Photo booth mode

Create a guest operated rig with custom interfaces, live view and automated triggering with countdowns.

Full creative control

Customise the interface, apply static and animated overlays, chroma key images and process in 3rd party software such as Adobe After Effects.


The Breeze Multi-Camera – Event tool makes it possible to capture 3D and visual effects that take event photography to the next level.

The Photo Booth Guys

Animated Overlays

The Photo Booth Guys

Static Overlays

South Beach Photo Booth Co

Title Sequences

Freeze frame

Create bullet time freeze frame effects

Multiple cameras

From small rigs to full 360, add as many cameras as you wish.

Fast setup

Point and click camera alignment. Pan, roll, tilt and zoom.

Rapid videos

Easy to create rapid GIF/MP4s.

Beautifully smooth

This software creates beautifully smooth animations.

Photobooth mode

Perfect for events. Live view, countdown, previews and more.

Custom overlays

Add your own customised overlays and backgrounds.

Green screen support

This software also supports Chromakey (green screen).

Guest and operator triggering

Capture split second action or guest controlled booth

3D Stereo Viewing

Create an anaglyph stereo image from 2 central cameras

Printed Images

Combine Multi-Camera with Hotfolder Prints to print your creations.

Create GIFs

Create animated GIFs that you can share from your event.

Flip Book Support

Combine Multi-Camera with Flipbook to turn animations into a book.

Post Processing

Create PNG copies of stabilised images to use in Adobe After Effects.

Need support for Breeze Multi-Camera?

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