Installing two versions of BreezeBrowser Pro for raw conversion

March 2021

Sadly camera manufacturers no longer supply libraries for converting raw files from their cameras, so new releases of BreezeBrowser Pro can no longer support Raw conversion.

Customers running recent releases can still use BreezeBrowser Pro to convert raw files from older camera models by installing BreezeBrowser Pro v1.9.8.10 in a separate folder. This is the last release supporting Raw conversion.

Run the most  recent release available for everything except raw conversion. Run BreezeBrowser Pro to convert raw images.

We recommend that you close one version before opening the other. Do not run both versions of BreezeBrowser Pro side by side at the same time.

To avoid confusion BreezeBrowser Pro is downloaded to a separate folder, with a separate icon  on the desktop

BreezeBrowser Pro is now clearly identified on the desktop

Breeze Viewer

When both copies of BreezeBrowser Pro are installed, the most recent version of Breeze Viewer is shown on the desktop.

Raw files

BreezeBrowser Pro still displays raw files.


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