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DSLR Remote Pro

The professional's software solution for remotely controlling your Canon EOS digital SLR from a Windows PC via USB.

DSLR Remote Pro for Windows includes a complete software solution for a professional photobooth. Please see our photobooth page to find out more.

DSLR Remote Pro for Windows supports most Canon DSLR cameras including the Canon EOS R, Canon EOS RP, Canon EOS M50, Canon EOS 7D Mark II, Canon EOS 6D Mark II, Canon EOS 80D, Canon EOS 77D, Canon EOS 70D, Canon EOS 5DS R, Canon EOS 5DS, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon EOS 5D Mark III, Canon EOS 250D/Rebel SL3, Canon EOS 200D/Rebel SL2, Canon EOS 800D/Rebel T7i, Canon EOS 760D/Rebel T6s, Canon EOS 750D/Rebel T6i, Canon EOS 700D/Rebel T5i, Canon EOS 2000D/Rebel T7, Canon EOS 4000D, Canon EOS 1300D/Rebel T6, Canon EOS 1200D/Rebel T5, Canon EOS-1DX Mark II, Canon EOS-1DC. See full list of supported cameras.

DSLR Remote Pro includes a complete software solution for a professional photobooth. Please see our photobooth page to find out more.

DSLR tethered to laptop

New! DSLR Remote Pro for Windows 3.14 adds support for the Canon Rebel SL3/EOS 250D/EOS 200D II
New! DSLR Remote Pro for Windows 3.13 adds new mirror effects in photo booth mode and support for the Canon EOS RP and Canon PowerShot SX70 HS

Print layout editor

Interactive print layout editor
Easy to use interactive photobooth print layout editor with support for QR codes available in DSLR Remote Pro v3.0 onwards

Print templates

Photobooth templates
Free photobooth print templates and the ability to save your designs for future use. Available in DSLR Remote Pro v3.0 onwards

Sharing screen

Share photos
Share photos, animated GIFs and MP4 files by email, text* or by uploading to Facebook and Twitter

Green screen

Green Screen
Photo booth green screen shooting using DSLR Remote Pro v2 onwards.
Improved green screen quality and faster processing available in DSLR Remote Pro v3.9 onwards.

Animated GIF example

Animated GIFs
Capture 'boomerang' animated GIFs in video mode and share them via email, text, Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively create an animated GIF showing a slideshow of the photos just taken with optional title pages and overlays.
MP4 copies of animated GIFs can be created and the animated GIFs (or MP4 copies) can be shared via email, text, Facebook or Twitter.

Photos, animated GIFs and MP4 files can be also viewed on a separate screen using Breeze Kiosk where they can be shared via email or text or posted on Facebook or Twitter (please note that Breeze Kiosk is a separate purchase).

PZ-E1 power zoom

Remote Control of Zoom
Remotely control optical zoom when using a Canon PZ-E1 power zoom adapter coupled to a Canon EF-S 18-135mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS USM zoom lens and a compatible camera. Remote control of zoom is available when using live view for tethered shooting or when running a photo booth.
Compatible cameras: Canon EOS 80D, Canon EOS 77D, Canon EOS 800D/Rebel T7i, Canon EOS 200D/Rebel SL2

Canon EOS M50

Mirrorless Cameras
The Canon EOS M50 is the first M series mirrorless camera to support tethered shooting from a PC. The Canon EOS M50 is more compact and lighter than conventional DSLRs such as the Canon EOS 1300D/Rebel T6 or Canon EOS 200D/Rebel SL2. It has similar peformance to the Canon EOS 200D/Rebel SL2 including Canon's excellent dual pixel auto focus in live view.

Please note that other M series cameras are not supported.

Slow Motion Video
The Canon EOS M50 is the first EOS camera to support reliable high quality slow motion video capture when tethered to a PC. The video is captured at 120 fps and is saved at 30 fps resulting in play back at 1/4 normal speed without requiring any post processing.

Why Use DSLR Remote Pro for Windows?

DSLR Remote Pro enables professional photo booth operators and photographers to:

  • Run a Photobooth: automatically take a sequence of photos and print them out, create animated GIFs, share photos via email, Facebook etc. and much more
  • Control Canon DSLR cameras from a PC
  • Capture video clips to the camera's memory card (supported cameras)
  • Display live images on the PC screen (supported cameras)
  • Auto focus and manually control focus from a PC (supported cameras)
  • Control the camera in movie mode from the PC including focusing, capturing video clips and downloading them to the PC (supported cameras)
  • See large high quality previews of shots on your PC within seconds
  • Enable customers to view pictures while you continue shooting
  • Increase control for time lapse photography
  • Preview images in black and white or color
  • Take HDR photos by automatically bracketing up to 15 shots varying the shutter speed or aperture
  • Store images directly onto the hard disk of a PC ready for onward transmission (e.g. by FTP to a picture desk)

Use the large color managed preview image to display:

  • Flashing highlights to indicate over-exposed areas
  • Grid overlay and crop marks to assist accurate alignment
  • Black and white
  • Focus point overlay

What Do I Need to use DSLR Remote Pro?

A PC running Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows Vista, a USB cable to connect the camera to the PC and a Canon DSLR such as Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Canon EOS 80D, Canon EOS 800D/Rebel T7i or Canon EOS 1300D/Rebel T6.

Need to control multiple cameras?
Take a look at the multi-camera version of DSLR Remote Pro which can control up to 16 Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III, EOS-1D Mark IV, EOS-1D Mark III, EOS 5DS R, EOS 5DS, EOS 5D Mark IV, EOS 5D Mark III, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 5D Mark II, EOS 6D, EOS 7D, EOS 7D Mark II, EOS 30D, EOS 40D, EOS 50D, EOS 60D, EOS 70D, EOS 77D, EOS 80D, 400D/Rebel XTi, 450D/Rebel XSi, 500D/Rebel T1i, 550D/Rebel T2i, 600D/Rebel T3i, 650D/Rebel T4i, 700D/Rebel T5i, 750D/Rebel T6i, 760D/Rebel T6s, 800D/Rebel T7i, 200D/Rebel SL2, 100D/Rebel SL1, 1000D/Rebel XS, 1100D/Rebel T3, 1200D/Rebel T5, 1300D/Rebel T6 cameras from a single PC running Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7. Designed for movie special effects, product photography, panoramas and other specialist applications requiring multiple cameras.

Who Uses Our Camera Control Software?

Photo booth operators use DSLR Remote Pro to run a fully featured photo booth to create photos and animated GIFs which can be shared via email, Facebook, Twitter or text

Portrait and event photographers take pictures using the camera as normal and download them automatically to a PC where an assistant can show them to customers, take reprint orders or print them on the spot. Comments can be added before or after taking a shot to help identify the subject later. The comment is stored in the photo and can be used for the image filename making it easier to identify shots. The photo booth shooting mode offers exciting possibilities to make more money from events

Product photographers use the grid overlay option for accurate alignment and composition of product shots. The ability to control shutter speed, aperture, ISO etc. from the PC and to take fast, large preview shots saves valuable time when setting up a shot. The flashing highlight display and histogram display (intensity, red, green and blue channels) give accurate exposure feedback. Provides color managed previews for more accurate display of colors for critical applications.

Press photographers find the ability to embed IPTC data in images as they are downloaded particularly useful. The IPTC data can be prepared before a shoot and then automatically added to images as they are transferred to the PC ready for immediate onward transmission to the picture desk. DSLR Remote Pro for Windows is used by both press agencies (including Getty Images and Reuters) and freelance photojournalists.
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Aerial Photography DSLR Remote Pro for Windows allows real estate agents and others to control a camera mounted on a mast or cherry picker from a PC at ground level. The full frame remote live view display helps to compose images by displaying what the camera sees on the PC screen.

Movies and Computer Graphics. Auto bracket up to 15 shots for creating high dynamic range (HDR) images. Also the ability to control multiple cameras from a PC for special effects.
Auto bracketed images can be combined automatically to create a single HDR image or tone mapped image using Photomatix Pro (purchased separately).

Movies and TV. Control the camera in movie mode from the PC including focusing, capturing video clips and downloading them to the PC (supported cameras)

Wildlife and landscape photographers use the ability to operate the camera remotely for taking pictures in sensitive or hard to reach areas. Remote live view enhances the photographer's ability to select the moment and focus accurately from a remote PC. They can also use the time lapse function to take a sequence of pictures at regular intervals.

How Much Does DSLR Remote Pro for Windows Cost?

DSLR Remote Pro for Windows costs US $275 (click here for free trial* or to purchase) and includes one full year of free upgrades.

Custom Solutions

Breeze Systems also provides customized remote capture applications for Canon DSLR and PowerShot cameras. Contact sales@breezesys.com to discuss your requirements.

*Risk Free. Try before you buy. When you do decide to buy there is no need to download the software again - simply place your order and then enter your registration code to unlock the software.

*The ability to upload to and download from third party applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is subject to each third party concerned continuing to allow such interactions. These features are tested before they are released but may cease to function or be removed without notice if the third party concerned no longer allows such interaction or changes the method/protocol required.