A simple but powerful utility for printing, emailing and sharing photos, videos and GIFs from your booths.

Download Hub, Event Editor & Windows Camera Controller

Free with Booth for iPad, Booth (WIndows + DSLR) and Kiosk - Per license.

Print and share images from a small, low powered Windows PC

Hub is a simple (but powerful) utility, that can manage the process of printing, emailing and texting images from other Breeze software products such as: Breeze Booth for iPad, Breeze Booth for Windows (DSLR Remote Pro), Webcam Photobooth and Kiosk.

Fast, reliable printing

If you are running Breeze Booth for iPad, Hub is the fastest, most reliable way to print.  IPads are connected to Hub over WIFI, quickly sending the images to be printed. Hub connects to fast professional dye sub printers via USB.

Faster sharing

Hub sends and shares your images in the background of other tasks, via email and SMS/MMS. No more waiting for images to upload before the next session starts, minimal use of Internet bandwidth at events.

Run alongside Breeze Booth

No hanging around for images to be uploaded from the booth, Hub sends them simultaneously.

Don’t miss a thing

Breeze Hub allows you to attach individual images and GIFs straight to any email address.

More attractive emails

Send fully formatted HTML emails

Thumbnails included

All emails can include thumbnail images for a faster viewing experience.

Miinimal bandwidth required at events

Share images from your office PC with a reliable Internet connection and reduce bandwidth needed at events

Sync images from all devices at large events to a single PC

Sync images from multiple devices to a single local PC (no Internet needed)

Where do you install it?

Breeze Hub can be used in a multitude of ways.

1. Run Hub on a PC at your event (for example, on your photo booth/kiosk PC, or on the PC acting as your print server).

2. Run Hub on a PC in your office, sharing images from multiple Windows/iPad based Breeze photo booths and Kiosks, essentially creating your own mini cloud solution.

... indeed HUB is super easy ! [saving survey data into a CSV file ]

Amaury de Broux

Need support for Breeze Hub?

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