Downloader Pro

A fast and simple tool to transfer images from your camera and store them on your PC. Automatically rename and organise photos in a meaningful way, using their filename and directory tokens.

Chris Breeze

Used by professional photographers and others who needs to minimize time spent downloading and organizing photographs

Organise images as they are downloaded, renaming and sorting them into directories and folders


Download JPEG images from all camera makes

Most RAW and movie files

Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Fuji, Sony, Panasonic, Leica, Sigma and Hasselblad

Card readers & cameras mounted to a Windows drive

Full Integration with BreezeBrowser Pro

Run BreezeBrowser Pro from Downloader
Start Downloader from BreezeBrowser Pro

Simplify workflow

Create sets of related directories and automate the download for each download directory.

  • Supports single & multiple day jobs
  • Automate creation of sets of related directories (eg Job XYZOriginals, JobXYZ\working, JobXYZ\Final)
  • Specify download path using shooting data, date & time, and other tokens
  • Download images from different cameras to different folders

Handy plugins

Make up to two backup copies of each image as it is downloaded, using the smart Backup Plugin

DNG Convertor Plugin

Use the DNG Convert Plugin to convert your raw files to Adobe’s DNG format for easy editing

  • Supports the compatibility options in Adobe’s latest DNG converter
  • Convert raw files from latest cameras to DNG files compatible with older versions of Photoshop and Lightroom
  • No need to upgrade Photoshop/Lightroom just to support new cameras


Camera recognition

Download images from different cameras to different folders.

Breeze integration

Full integration with Browser Pro for quick organisation.

Backup images

Make up to two backup copies of each image as downloaded.

Convert raw files

Automatically convert raw files to Adobe's DNG format.

Synchronize clocks

Synchronize Canon camera clock with the clock on your PC.

Direct download

Download directly from most Canon EOS digital cameras.


Store photo caption and location information as downloaded.


JPEGS, raw and movie files from most camera makes.

Sub-second timing

Read sub-second timing from shooting data to uniquely name images from continuous sequences

STILL one of my favorite all times apps

Edward Dombek (Downloader Pro user since 2006)

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