Customizing Breeze print layouts

Introduction to the Breeze print layout editor. Simple ways to edit your prints without using Photoshop or other image editors.

Last updated 5 October 2022


Breeze photo booth apps all include a simple but powerful drag and drop print editor which you can use to customize your prints. This video tutorial explains how to create custom prints using our Windows apps

Print layouts for Breeze Booth (iPad + iPhone) are customized using the Event Editor

If you are new to Breeze Booth, first run the Photo booth Setup Wizard.  This creates all the screens for a basic working system. It also creates print layouts with a plain white background. The video demonstrates

  • How to change the background color of your prints
  • How to add logos and other graphic icons to your prints
  • How to add simple captions
  • how to use Breeze tokens to show the correct date on prints
  • How to use Breeze tokens to automatically add the event name to prints (DSLR Remote Pro 3.12 andHotfolder Prints 1.8 only)
  • How to import pre-designed layouts
  • How to add a QR code


The video is intended to give you a taste of the Print Layout Editor. See the online manuals for more details

DNP Printers

Note: DNP printers swap portrait and landcape when you print 4×6 inch (100 x 150 mm) prints.

Using tokens

Find a great video introduction to using tokens with Breeze here.

There are minor differences in the way tokens work in these three programs:

  • DSLR Remote Pro Print Layout Editor displays the current value of tokens
  • Hotfolder Prints and Webcam Photobooth Print Layout Editors display the token names in the print layout editor
  • {eventName} is not yet supported in Webcam Photobooth

Importing pre-designed layouts into Breeze

Learn more about using layouts I used in the video here. These free templates were kindly provided by SMOVE for use by Breeze customers.

Try for yourself

Download Booth (DSLR + Windows), Booth (Webcam + Windows) and Hotfolder from our website.

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