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Booth (DSLR+Windows)

Also known as DSLR Remote Pro

26 February 2024

DSLR Remote Pro 3.20.1 Support Page

Booth (iPad + iPhone)

Breeze Booth for iPad App, Event Editor 3.5, Hub, Camera Controller 1.1.5 and Web App.

Released: 20 February 2024

Windows Companion Apps Support Page


Formerly known as DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera

Released: 9 August 2023

Multi-Camera 2.1.4 Support Page


Formerly known as Hotfolder Prints

Released: 15 September 2022

Hotfolder Prints 1.8.3 Support Page


Released: 15 December 2021

Kiosk 2.1 Support Page

Browser Pro

Formerly known as Breeze Browser Pro

Released: 13 April 2023

BreezeBrowser Pro Support Page

Downloader Pro

Released: 24 March 2023

Downloader Pro 2.6.4 Support Page

Booth (Webcam + Windows)

Also known as Webcam Photobooth

Released: 1 July 2022

Webcam Photobooth 2.6 Support Page


Formerly known as Flipbook Photobooth

Released: 22 October 2019

Flipbook 1.8.2 Support Page

MDB Payment Utility

Free utility for Breeze customers enabling touch free payment systems to be used with Booth (DSLR+Windows), Booth (iPad+iPhone) and Kiosk,

Released: 20 February 2024

MDB Payment Utility 1.0.2 Support Page

Legacy Products

Existing customers can download copies of discontinued programs here

View Legacy Products

Support Notes

Which Windows platforms do you support?

All our Windows apps are supported on Intel processors running running Windows 11 and Windows 10 (not Windows 11 S or 10 S). ARM/SQ1/SQ2 processors are not supported.

I just ordered an upgrade license. How soon will I get the new registration?

We have automated the process of issuing upgrade licenses – generally you should receive your new registration in minutes instead of hours, providing
  • existing name and code are entered correctly
  • same email address is used as the original license
  • comment field is empty
  • the existing license is still valid – ie has not already been upgraded, refunded, cancelled etc
There are a few exceptions & Multi-Camera orders are always processed manually.
Processed manually means we check the order before issuing the new registration. This is almost always done within 12 hours of your payment being accepted, but occasionally at weekends and UK Public Holidays it takes a little longer. Very occasionally at weekends and UK Public Holidays we take a break and orders are not processed until the next working day.


Can I use my license on more than one computer?

No. Each Breeze Windows software license is a single user non-transferable license which can be installed on one computer at a time.

The full End User License Agreement for using our software can be found here. The End User License Agreement is also displayed when installing the software, and you can find it in the installation folder for each application.

Breeze Facebook Users Group

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Fixed installations – whose name needs to be on the license and registration?

If you offer fixed installation booths with a copy of Breeze software decide who will own it before buying the license. If you are renting out a booth with Breeze software (and may take it back if the agreement ends) then buy the license in your own name. If you are selling the booth with software, the license must be purchased in the end customer’s name.

Buying a booth/other equipment with Breeze software installed (Windows based software)

Occasionally customers tell us they have been sold equipment with Breeze licenses issued in someone else’s name, usually the name of the person or business selling the equipment. Breeze licenses are only valid if they are issued in your name. If you use a license issued to someone else it may stop working without warning.

If your copy of Breeze software is obtained via a third party, please be aware that

  • All Breeze software licenses are single user, non-transferable licenses
  • Each license allows the license owner to install the program on one computer
  • Licenses and registrations for valid copies of the software are issued in the End User’s name, not the name of the vendor
  • Breeze have no special agreements allowing photo booth vendors to sell licenses in their own name
  • Breeze have no special agreements allowing photo booth vendors to sell one license/registration to several people

A copy of the End User License Agreement for using our software can be found here. The End User License Agreement is also displayed when installing the software, and you can find it in the installation folder for each application.

If you buy equipment from a third party which includes Breeze software we suggest you check the registration details. If you are at all concerned that the license may not be valid for you to use, email straight away. Include the registration name and code, and if possible a copy of your order/receipt. (Do not include any confidential information such as your credit card details.)

To check your registration start the program, click on “Help” then “Register”.

HEIC/HEIF images

BreezeBrowser Pro 1.12.1 introduced support for displaying HEIC/HEIF images from iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices

HDR PQ (HEIF) images

March 2021: We don’t have plans to support 10 bit HDR PQ (HEIF) images at present.

Program icon shows on toolbar but can’t see the program

You have opened a Breeze program and can see the icon in the toolbar across the bottom of your screen, but the program is nowhere to be found.

Hold down the SHIFT key and right click on the program icon. This should display a pop up menu. Select Move then move the Left or Right arrows until the program appears.

Note: This Windows glitch can happen if you attach an extra screen to the PC and then remove it.

I love the program [BreezeBrowser Pro]- I've been promoting it on my website 'All about Digital Photos' for the last 20 years.

I'd originally picked the program for two reasons - it was a blindingly fast thumbnail generator and it was fully IPTC compliant - a fact I still promote today. I have yet to find a better program for digital photo management (I've tried many).

Ken Watson

I use the excellent ... BB Pro for sorting, culling, proofing, making web galleries and renaming, for which it is excellent and unsurpassed.

David Harvey