Breeze Booth for iPad and iPhone, Event Editor, Hub & Camera Controller

Release history

20 February 2024: Breeze Booth v3.5, Breeze Booth Event Editor v3.5, Breeze Hub, Windows Camera Controller 1.1.5

  • Print compositing now supports the cropping of images and the option to display the original
    unmodified photo
  • Added an optional ready_overlay_qr.png screen to provide visual feedback when scanning a QR
  • Added Event Kite gallery and session ids to make it easier to integrate with Event Kite online
    galleries and micro-sites
  • Fixed an issue with MP3 audio files not playing in the video ready and countdown screens

21 November 2023: Breeze Booth v3.4.1, Breeze Booth Event Editor v3.4.1, Breeze Hub, Windows Camera Controller 1.1.5

  • Fixed a scaling issue printing with Breeze Hub when running the app on iPadOS 17

13 October 2023: Breeze Booth v3.4.1, Breeze Booth Event Editor v3.4.1, Breeze Hub, Windows Camera Controller 1.1.5

  • Added the option to postprocess photos by sending an HTTP POST to a web server
  • Added an option to the event editor to add simple survey screens
  • Fixed an issue capturing audio guestbook videos when using an external camera

5 June 2023: Breeze Booth v3.4, Breeze Booth Event Editor v3.4, Breeze Hub Windows Camera Controller 1.1.5

  • Added support for landscape and portrait orientation print layouts for roaming photography
  • Now supports fast shooting rates for roaming photography
  • Added touchscreen actions to mark images as deleted or to delete them permanently when viewing them in a gallery
  • Added a privacy option which encrypts email addresses and phone numbers
  • Added support for timed sessions
  • Processed photos can now be placed within a larger canvas to allow space for borders etc
  • Added support for the Canon EOS R6 Mark II, Canon EOS R8, Canon EOS R50 and Canon EOS R100
  • EXIF shooting data is now included when saving the individual photos when using an external camera

22 March 2023: Breeze Booth v3.3, Breeze Booth Event Editor v3.3, Breeze Hub Windows Camera Controller 1.1.5

  • Added scrapbooking style outline option to AI background removal
  • Added print compositing with blur, blend modes, filters and opacity effects when adding photos to the print layout
  • Added initial support for roaming photography

18 January 2023: Breeze Booth v3.2, Breeze Booth Event Editor v3.2, Breeze Hub Windows Camera Controller 1.1.4

  • Added support for direct USB connection to Canon cameras including live view, taking photos and capturing videos
  • Added the option to specify the age of photos to purcge when using the auto purge at 4am
  • Fixed issues with switching between built-in cameras when using the new iPad 10th Generation
  • Fixed an issue saving print filters in Breeze Hub
  • Improved the reliability of network connection for Breeze Hub and the Camera Controller when the PC is connected to multiple networks

8 November 2022: Breeze Booth v3.1.2, Breeze Booth Event Editor v3.1.2, Breeze Hub, Camera Controller 1.1.3

  • Added optional payment screens for printing and sharing by email and text
  • Improved the reliability of Breeze Hub and Camera Controller connections
  • Fixed an issue with the gif_capture and video_capture_loop animations not looping
  • Fized an issue with the video_overlay.png being applied to the outro section of processed videos
    which don’t have an intro video

10 August 2022: Breeze Booth v3.1.1, Breeze Booth Event Editor v3.1.1, Breeze Hub, Camera Controller 1.1.1

  • Added audio guestbook support to video capture
  • The overlay/background filename suffixes for photo, burst GIFs and videos can now be used to select which screens are displayed during the countdown and capture (details)
  • Added the ability to set a ready screen string using touchscreen actions and use it to select which ready screen is displayed and to choose a background when using AI background removal
  • Built-in AI background removal now supports background and overlay images that can be applied to live view and prints
  • Added the option to copy a profile from another event when using the Event Editor
  • Added support for the Canon EOS R3, Canon EOS R7 and Canon EOS R10 to the Camera Controlle
  • Improved reliability and performance when syncing files to Breeze Hub
  • Fixed an issue sending emails with CC addresses via Breeze Hub

9 May 2022: Breeze Booth v3.1, Breeze Booth Event Editor v3.1, Breeze Hub, Camera Controller 1.1.1

  • Added support for built-in AI background removal that can be applied to live view images, photos, burst GIFs and videos
  • Added support for panning, scaling and rotating videos
  • Added support for capturing slow motion video at up to 240 fps (depending upon the device)
  • Added special effects that can be applied to videos
  • An optional background video can be played behind videos (e.g. when using AI background removal) and an optional alpha video can played over the video
  • Added local syncing of events from the Event Editor to the iPad for fast, simple updates

22 February 2022: Breeze Booth v3.0, Breeze Booth Event Editor v3.0, Breeze Hub, Camera Controller 1.1.1

  • Added support for capturing videos and applying creative effects including jump cuts, speed ramping, overlay and adding and intro and outro video
  • Added power saving screen
  • Added the ability to swap backgrounds and overlays in the confirm printing screen
  • Added charging status and low power mode indicator to Camera Controller battery info display
  • Added a “Crop photo to bounding box” option in the GIF layout editor
  • Minor changes to the naming of temporary files for attachments when sending emails in Breeze Hub

12 January 2022: Breeze Booth v2.3, Breeze Booth Event Editor v2.3, Breeze Hub, Camera Controller 1.1

  • Fixed an issue in Breeze Hub when sending emails with file attachments

15 December 2021: Breeze Booth v2.3, Breeze Booth Event Editor v2.3, Breeze Hub 1.2.6, Camera Controller 1.1

  • Added support for breezebooth URL schema allowing automation using Apple Shortcuts
  • Added support for payments from contactless credit card payment systems
  • Added the option to specify the number of loops for a slideshow GIF

2 August 2021: Breeze Booth v2.2, Breeze Booth Event Editor v2.2, Breeze Hub 1.2.5, Camera Controller 1.0

  • Added new blend modes for GIF overlays and support for blend modes for print overlays
  • Fixed an issue which could cause the app to crash when displaying a gallery
  • Fixed an issue with Breeze Hub not cropping photos when sending emails

25 June 2021: Breeze Booth v2.1, Breeze Booth Event Editor v2.1, Breeze Hub 1.2.4, Camera Controller 1.0

  • Added skin smoothing filter
  • Added lighten, darken and overlay blend modes to overlays added to burst GIFs and slideshow GIFs
  • Added left, center and right alignment options for captions added to prints
  • Added gallerySlideshowPrint touchscreen action which prints the print layout from the gallery slideshow share screen
  • Added qrRepeat touchscreen action which repeats the last scanned QR code
  • Fixed an issue with Breeze Hub which could result in texts being sent multiple times
  • Fixed an image quality issue when sending B&W photos by email using Breeze Hub
  • Fixed an issue with attaching processed photos to emails sent from the gallery

15 April 2021: Breeze Booth v2.0, Breeze Booth Event Editor v2.0, Breeze Hub 1.2.2, Camera Controller 1.0

  • Added support for using an external camera
  • Added support for an external controller to monitor and control the iPad app
  • Improved sharing by email using an attractive email template and email service provided with theiPad subscription
  • Updated sample events making it easier to get started quicker
  • Added sharing gallery for sharing and printing photos from previous sessions
  • Added optional slideshow that runs in standby mode
  • Added optional background images for keyboards and surveys to make it easier to re-use and rebrand keyboard layouts
  • Fixed an issue in Breeze Hub which caused emails to be sent repeatedly when sending via GMail

7 October 2020: Breeze Booth v1.1.3, Breeze Booth Event Editor v1.4.4, Breeze Hub 1.2.1

  • Added support for different fonts in captions for print layouts
  • Added the ability to set event names and event strings using the quick setup QR code
  • Added the ability to set the status URL using the quick setup QR code
  • Added the option to include QR code strings in the survey results tool in Breeze Hub
  • Fixed an issue connecting to Breeze Hub on iPadOS 14 and iOS 14

18 August 2020: Breeze Booth v1.1.2, Breeze Booth Event Editor v1.4.3, Breeze Hub 1.2

  • Added the option to specify the number of prints when using QR codes for contactless operation
  • Now supports plain text QR codes in the quick setup screen
  • QR code strings, {qr1} to {qr10}, are now saved in the XML summary file
  • Checkboxes and radio buttons can now be initialized using tokens e.g. from information read from the QR code strings or from survey questions
  • Added new token {to} which allows the ‘to’ email address to be included in email messages or the user’s telephone number to be included in text messages
  • Added secure single use QR codes
  • Added status URL webhook for monitoring the app’s status remotely and for receiving commands

3 July 2020: Breeze Booth v1.1.1, Breeze Booth Event Editor v1.4.2, Breeze Hub 1.2

  • Texting now supports MMS (USA and Canada only) and SMS+image
  • Added support for contactless operation with texting
  • Added high quality face detect option for more accurate face tracking when using virtual props

22 May 2020: Breeze Booth v1.1, Breeze Booth Event Editor v1.4.1, Breeze Hub 1.1.3

  • Added support for contactless operation by allowing emails to be sent automatically by scanning a QR code
  • Added a “Quick Setup” button which allows an iPad to be setup simply by scanning a QR code
  • Added support for the AI Background Remove service from Photobooth deluxe to the AI background removal (aka “green screen without the green screen”)
  • Added a tool for listing email addresses of shared photos and GIFs to Breeze Hub
  • Added support for shortened URLs from and when syncing events
  • The sample events have been updated to support contactless operation

18 March 2020: Breeze Booth v1.0.9, Breeze Booth Event Editor v1.4, Breeze Hub 1.1.2

  • Added AI background removal (aka “green screen without the green screen”) for photos and slideshow GIFs
  • Added the ability to scan QR codes to control and load data into the photo booth
  • Added support for sharing photos, animated GIFs and MP4 movie files directly to a user’s device via AirDrop
  • The  Event Editor has been updated to support the latest features in the iPad app and to fix an issue handling reversed props in the virtual prop editor

22 January 2020: Breeze Booth v1.0.8, Breeze Booth Event Editor v1.3.4, Breeze Hub 1.1.2

  • Added the ability to add one or more QR codes to print layouts. Each QR code can include tokens to create dynamically generated text
  • Increased the number of menus that can be defined from 2 to 4
  • Fixed an issue with displaying upper case keys in touchscreen keyboards
  • Fixed an issue with the survey data tool in Breeze Hub which could cause it to crash

8 January 2020: Breeze Booth v1.0.7, Breeze Booth Event Editor v1.3.3, Breeze Hub 1.1.1

  • Improved customisation of the start button
  • Fixed issues with the camera orientation and occasional freezing of the live view display

10 December 2019: Breeze Booth v1.0.6, Breeze Booth Event Editor v1.3.3, Breeze Hub 1.1.1

  • Added a default background image for screens to make it easier to rebrand an event
  • Added an option in the touchscreen editor to also display the JPEG background screen image when an overlay is selected
  • Updated the event creator to create screens with default_background.jpg screen and overlays instead of separate backgrounds for each screen
  • Improved support for printing using AirPrint including fixing an issue where only the first session was printed
  • Breeze Hub now auto rotates JPEG images using the EXIF orientation data when sending emails
  • Fixed an issue with selecting manual exposure in the camera settings
  • Fixed an issue with the default gif_background.jpg image not being added to animated GIFs

25 November 2019: Breeze Booth v1.0.5, Breeze Booth Event Editor v1.3.2, Breeze Hub 1.1

  • Added support for video animations with alpha channels
  • Added optional fading between overlays to provide more fluid screen transitions
  • Added the ability to dynamically select print and GIF backgrounds and overlays e.g. in response to survey data
  • Added statistics and survey data tools to Breeze Hub
  • Improved handling of SMTP email errors when using a poor quality internet connection
  • Fixed an issue with cropping JPEG attachments when emailing photos using Breeze Hub

30 September 2019: Breeze Booth v1.0.4, Breeze Booth Event Editor v1.3.1

  • Added the ability to add an MP3 soundtrack to MP4 slideshows and boomerangs
  • Added support for multiple virtual props in photos and GIFs
  • Added the ability to display virtual props containing text the right way round in live view
  • Improved support for AirPrint
  • Updated to support iPadOS and iOS 13

17 July 2019: Breeze Booth v1.0.3, Breeze Booth Event Editor v1.3, Breeze Hub v1.0

Added support for sending SMTP emails directly from the iPad with the option of multiple attachments
Added support for sending SMS text messages directly from the iPad via Twilio
Added camera settings to adjust contrast, saturation and vibrance
Added touchscreen actions for adjusting camera exposure and zoom
Added optional logo overlays for slideshow GIFs and burst GIFs


24 May 2019: Breeze Booth v1.0.2, Breeze Booth Event Editor v1.2, Breeze Hub v1.0 beta

Added new event creator with themes to the event editor
Added support for MP3 music files
Added support for Bluetooth
Added the ability to enter an event code when syncing events
Breeze Hub now able to select different printers using the printer id read from the event and double up 6×2 strips for printers that can only print 6×2 strips as a 6×4 page cut into two 6×2 strips
Text fields in keyboards can now be validated using a regular expression and the text can be left, center or right justified
Fixed issues with the camera on the iPad Pro 9.7″


2 April 2019: Breeze Booth v1.0.1, Breeze Booth Event Editor v1.1, Breeze Hub v1.0 beta

Added support for iPhone
Fixed issues with using AirPrint
Fixed issues with entering cellphone numbers which don’t start with + or 0


25 March 2019: Breeze Booth v1.0, Breeze Booth Event Editor v1.0, Breeze Hub v1.0 beta

First public release