A fully customisable app for guests to display, print and share photos, videos and GIFs from your event.

The Photo Booth Guys



Share images. Fast.

Run multiple image sharing stations using low powered Windows PC's. Browse, share and print images in seconds.


Customise Kiosk with background images, custom icons and keyboards for a white label experience. Run an idle time slideshow that displays recent images and custom advertisements.

Easy to share

Guests can immediately share images, GIFs and MP4's to email, MMS* and SMS when connected to internet. Shares can be queued and sent later if there is no (or slow) internet. *MMS in USA and Canada only.

Plays nice with friends

Kiosk works with the full suite of Breeze programs, including Booth (for Windows, iPad and Flipbook) Multi-Camera Array, Hot Folder Prints and Hub - as well as 3rd party photo booth and camera capture applications.

Print, Email, SMS, MMS and Twitter

Share images to email (including support for CC addresses), SMS, MMS and Twitter. Print mixed size images (eg 6×2, 6×4, 5×7) with smart auto bleed and printer pooling support.

Grid View & Slideshows

View a customisable grid of all the incoming images, with full control over the thumbnail size and even thumbnail cropping. Run a slideshow, complete with advertisement slides when the sharing kiosk is idle.

Privacy Mode

Require a unique code to be entered in order to view and share your images. The code can be printed on the matching photo strip for easy access and supports advanced filename matching for enhanced security. Enter the code via touch screen, external keyboards or even bar code scanners.

Edit prints and photos

Sign or draw on prints, add frames and stickers.

Watch Folder

Monitor a folder of local images, or via a shared network folder


Customise the display for corporate and themed events.

Pay to print

Coin, bill and credit card acceptor integration. Require email or payment before printing

Data Collection

Collect data (such as email addresses) whilst complying with GDPR and data protection.

Delete and remove images

Operator controlled deletion and removal of unwanted images.

Privacy mode

Optional privacy mode restricts access by QR, RFID or bar code

Multi Lingual

Support for multiple languages

QR Code

Share links to microsite and hosted images via QR code

External Buttons

Fully controllable by keyboard and external buttons

Printer Pooling

Print multiple copies as separate documents to increase throughput when using printer pooling


The kiosk is exactly what I have been wanting since I started in the business 4 years ago.
You and Chris are the absolute best there is.


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