Creating events from scratch - Breeze Booth Event Editor

Use the three step event creator to build an event
July 2020

Creating your first event from scratch

You can create custom working designs in just three simple steps, by running the Event Creator:


First open the Event Editor and select Create event..

The three step Event creator creates working events for any iPad or iPhone *  using the Chameleon theme designed by  Wilkes Booth Co:

At Step 1 choose the device type, orientation, event name and description

Step 2 is where you choose the theme, basic event and sharing options

Background color

You can choose your own background color for your screens. If the theme provides an image for the background this will be used instead of the background color. The standard chameleon theme creates screens with an orange/magenta background. How to change screen backgrounds for Chameleon theme.

Chameleon Ready screen with choice of burst GIF or still photos (Breeze Booth for iPad)


Your event takes just a few seconds to build


Confirmation that the new event has been saved and event list updated

The new working event is built. You can transfer your this straight  to your devices, or edit it first.

Transferring your new event to your iPads and iPhones

When your design is complete transfer it to your iPads and iPhones.

The simplest way to transfer events to your devices uses Dropbox.  Advanced users may prefer to transfer events via your own website

Cloning existing events

You don’t need to build all your events from scratch. Save yourself time and effort by right clicking on an existing event to clone it.

* Devices must run iOS 13 or iPadOS. At time of writing (September 2019) Breeze Booth supports iPad Pro 11 and iPhone X series and well as iPads with 4:3 screens and iPhones with 16:9 screens