Emailing images from DSLR Remote Pro (Part 1)

How to email photos, animated GIFs, slowmo and other videos from DSLR Remote Pro

March 2021

Two tutorials explain  how to email photo, GIF and video images from a touchscreen photo booth running DSLR Remote Pro.

This tutorial Emailing images from DSLR Remote Pro Part 1 goes through the basics

  • Running the setup wizard to create your screens
  • Setting up your email server settings
  • Collecting email addresses
  • Branding and personalizing emails
  • Sharing GIFs, prints and MP4s
  • Image quality vs sharing speed

Emailing images from DSLR Remote Pro Part 2  introduces efficient sharing at large and busy events, and reporting sharing statistics

  • Running a separate sharing station
  • Sharing images in the background
  • Touch free sharing
  • Sharing statistics
  • Collecting email addresses and cell phone numbers

Set up your screens with the setup wizard

The simplest way to create a working photo booth powered by DSLR Remote Pro is to run the powerful setup wizard.

If you are new to Breeze or the setup wizard, start with beginners guide

To create a booth offering email sharing, check Email photos at Step 2 of the wizard

To offer sharing by email, check Email photos at Step 2 of the Setup Wizard

Set up your email server settings

Before you use email sharing for the first time, you need to add your email account details to DSLR Remote Pro.

How to add email account details to DSLR Remote Pro

Good to go!

Once you have run the wizard, and added your email account details to the program, you have a working booth which will send emails.

Hint: to share photos by text as well as email, check the MMS/SMS box in the wizard and add your Twilio account details

The rest of this tutorial is for those wanting to get more from their emails. Learn  how to collect the email addresses used by guests, and customize the content of your emails. Plus useful tips for sharing GIFs & videos, and balancing image quality with sharing speed.

Collect email addresses

Guest data collection is hugely important to corporate clients. It’s also important to collect contact details for leads at trade shows and other events.

There are two simple ways to record all the email addresses collected at your booth

  • Check Log email addresses to file on the Email Server Settings Screen. This logs email addresses in a csv file which you can read in Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheets. Cell phone numbers used for sharing by text can be saved in a similar way.
  • Use Breeze Hub to share your emails and texts. Learn how to use Hub to share emails in The next tutorial link here

Advanced users may use a survey to ask or force users to enter their email details before starting each session.

How to log email addresses in DSLR Remote Pro

(1,2,3) Go to the email server settings screen to flag that you want to save email addresses (DSRL Remote Pro 3.15.5)

(4) Check Log email addresses to file and choose the folder to save this file

Each time guests share their photos by email, the email address is logged in email log.csv

Email address log (Breeze DSLR Remote Pro)


Advanced users may use a survey to ask or force users to enter their email and other details before starting each session.

Brand and personalize email content

Standard email message

You do not have to customize the message sent with your photos and animated GIFS. If you use the standard settings in DSLR Remote Pro all emails will include the image(s) captured in the booth and the text Your photo booth photos taken on 21 March 2021 (or whatever date the images were taken).

Customizing the email subject and message

The emails guests send can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. Make them work for you by customizing the message sent with your image(s). Use your own text, Breeze tokens, link to your website or create bespoke html emails in the Email Settings screen.

Opening the Email Settings screen (DSLR Remote Pro)

The first time you see the email settings screen it contains the default message DSLR Remote Pro sends with your emails. Change this to suit your requirements.

Initial email sharing screen DSLR Remote Pro 3.15.4

You can change the both the subject and content of the emails sent with guest images.

Breeze tokens can be used to generate the date, event name, and much more. See the full list of tokens.

Creating an email template using the {eventName} token

{eventName} is a special Breeze token which can be shared between Breeze programs. Use {eventName} in your emails and print layouts to save time customizing them for each event.

Use {eventName} to automatically update add the name of each event to emails and prints

Click on File then Photo Booth Event Info… to change the event name

To try this for yourself. Copy and paste the following code into the Message (html format) box

<strong>{eventName} Photos %L</strong>
<p><img src=”[image]”></p>
<p>Thank you for visiting the booth.</p>
<a href=”“>Your Photo Booth Team</a>

Now change the text and website link for your own needs. You can use {eventName} to personalize the email subject as well.

Email with custom subject and message using {eventName}

Enter an event name, run the booth and send an email. When you change the event name, DSLR Remote Pro will automatically change the email content and print layout (if applicable)

Why do I need to send both plain text and html?

The emails  DSLR Remote Pro sends from your booth may be viewed on lots of different devices including both the latest and very old Apple and Android phones, tablets and PCs. Most modern devices can read html emails; we also send a plain text version in case the html version cannot be read.

Sharing photos, GIFs and MP4s

Sharing photos as an animation instead of a print

DSLR Remote Pro emails a copy of the print layout to guests as standard. Print layouts (especially strips) often work better on paper than online. You can add interest by sharing the same photos as a GIF, or GIF converted to an MP4.

3 photo Slideshow GIF with simple overlay


Single photo GIF with animated overlay

Note: Breeze calls these slideshow GIFs to distinguish them from burst/boomerang GIFs, which contain many more images. Making and sharing slideshow GIFs

Sharing slideshow & burst GIFs

We are all familiar with GIFs, they are short animations built from a series of still images. GIF is also an image format.

You  can share both slideshow and burst GIFs using the GIF format, or copy them into short movies using MP4 format. Generally it is best to share MP4 (video) copies of your GIFs.

  • MP4 copies of GIFs use less data – so they are easier and faster to upload from the booth and download to guest devices
  • MP4s have better color
  • GIFs have a limited color range so the image quality is not as good
  • GIFs can be shared in the body of an email
  • MP4s have to be shared as email attachments, you cannot include them in the body (content part) of your email*

*DSLR Remote Pro has an option to make the email more attractive by including a thumbnail preview of the MP4 attachment in the email body, as well as the video attachment. More

Image quality vs sharing speed

You may need to tweak the DSLR Remote Pro settings to find the best balance between sharing high quality images and sending the emails quickly. High quality images use more data. The more data you include in an email the longer it takes to reach guest devices.

  • When sharing prints and JPEG images, increase image size to improve quality. Reduce image size to send emails more quickly
  • Sharing MP4 copies of GIFs is faster than sharing GIFs.
  • MP4s are higher quality than the equivalent GIF
  • At events with reliable, high speed internet you can share higher quality images quickly
  • At events with slower internet think about reducing image size to get emails out quickly

Control the size of print you are sharing by adjusting the image size in the Email Settings screen

  • To share higher quality prints, increase the maximum image width and height up to the original print size ( usually 1200 by 1800 pixels for a 4×6 print)
  • To share prints faster, decrease the maximum image width and height.

Adjusting the size of a print for emailing (DSLR Remote Pro)

You can also move sharing to the background so the next session can start while the last set of photos are still being shared.

Find out how to send emails in the background in Emailing Images from DSLR Remote Pro (Part 2)


This tutorial began with the basics of sending emails from DSLR Remote Pro: adding your email account details to the program and setting up the screens with the setup wizard. Then we moved on to collecting email addresses used to share images, and customizing email content. Finally we looked at sharing GIFs and finding the best balance between sharing images quickly and sending the highest quality images.

Part 2 will go through efficient sharing at large and busy events, and sharing data statistics including the total number of sessions, emails and texts.

Emailing images from DSLR Remote Pro (Part 2)



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