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Formerly DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera

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Product Details

Current Version: 2.1.4
Released: 9 August 2023
Platforms Supported: Intel processors running Windows 11 and Windows 10 (not Windows 11 S or 10 S). ARM/SQ1/SQ2 processors are not supported.
Cameras Supported: Most Canon EOS DSLR and R series cameras, M6 Mark II, M50 Mk II, M50
Trial version: 15 days, up to 4 cameras
Free upgrades: 12 months from purchase

How close together should I place the cameras in my array?

The closer you place the cameras, the smoother the effect. A small array might have cameras about 20cm apart (measured from the tripod bushes on the base of each camera) with a subject distance of approximately 2.4m.

How do I connect the cameras to a PC?

See the online manual for details.

Does Multi-Camera create GIFs from the photos?

Yes, Multi-Camera creates animated GIFs and MP4 videos from photos.

Can I print from my array?

You can print the center photo (e.g. using our Hotfolder software) to provide a hard copy with optional branding

Does Multi-Camera support green screen?

Yes. Images can be chroma-keyed to replace a green or blue background with a virtual background and overlay (a different background and overlay for each photo). See the online manual for details

Why won't my camera(s) connect to Multi-Camera?

Find a list of common causes of camera connection problems and how to fix them here