formerly DSLR Remote Pro Multi-Camera

Advanced control of Canon cameras for photogrammetry, tv production, scientific and commercial applications.

Multi-Camera licenses are priced by the number of cameras supported, minimum 4 cameras. The free trial supports 4 cameras.

For historic artefacts and Hollywood motion pictures

Powerful, flexible and robust software with proven track record in blockbuster movies, National Geographic, industry and research.

Any number of cameras

From 4 camera systems through to full body and 360 degree rigs with hundreds of cameras.

Wide range of applications

Photogrammetry, time lapse, product photography, R&D, digitizing images and museum collections, inspection and quality assurance, TV and movies.

'Bullet time'

Freeze frame and time slice effects

Shoot in any format

Shoot Raw, JPEG, Raw + JPEG or video.

Rapid download

Divide cameras between PCs for rapid download from large arrays.

Single control point

Synchronize and control camera settings from a single PC, including cameras connected to other computers on a network

Freeze frame

Create 'bullet time' freeze frame and time slice effects

Simultaneous video capture

Capture video from multiple cameras

Grid based live view and image preview

Grid preview and live view displays of images from each camera

Remote trigger

Trigger cameras by remote release or from PC.

Bar code mode

Scan code and take photos automatically, incorporating scanned data into image filenames. (Also support RFID and CR code scanners.)

Easy image organisation

Download and name images by camera name.

Compatible with Adobe After Effects

Post process PNG copies of stabilised images with Adobe After Effects

Green screen support

Green and blue Chromakey support

Photo booth mode

Capture split second action or switch to guest controlled booth with countdowns.

Multi-Camera on location in China

We don't often get to share the most outstanding Multi-Camera shoots. This fabulous Splice Boys advertisement is an exception. You can see more of their Multi-Camera work on Vimeo and at here

Climbing Redwood giants

National Geographic used Breeze Multi-Camera for this award winning shoot

Breeze has proved to be incredible over the last few years and I have really got to grips with using it, it's versatile with excellent customer support. 100% reliable. Ace piece of software.

Lee Perry-Smith, Infinite-Realities

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