Breeze Booth
Event Editor

A clear, easy-to-use event editor that puts you in control. Adapt existing events or create new ones.

Download Event Editor, Hub & Windows Camera Controller

Free Trial - Included with Booth for iPad Subscription - Per license.

Use templates to create new events or start from scratch

Breeze Booth – Event Editor gives users the power to copy and adapt pre-designed events with a handy drag-and-drop touch screen designer. Control the appearance of the app interface, design screens, prints and animations, design your own white labelled events and html emails (that fully display your images and animations), and create unique interfaces and outputs.

Complete creative freedom

Event Editor puts you in control with its easy to use drag and drop editors. It allows you to control every part of your event, from screens to GIFs, prints and surveys.

Sync and copy events with Dropbox or a Web server

Upload and update events to web server for syncing with iPads, or sync and copy them to your devices using Dropbox.  

Event Creator

Build a professional event for any iPad or iPhone in 3 simple steps

Easy to use

Just drag and drop using the touch screen designer.

Edit GIFs

The easy-to-use GIF editor lets you edit images and GIFs.

Print layouts

Design your print layout using the drag-and-drop print layout editor.

Professional designs included

Professional designed events and simple starter templates included.

Props and effects

Use your own virtual props, add skin smoothing, custom filters, blend modes and mirroring.

Custom backgrounds

Custom backgrounds and overlays for photos and GIFs.

Eye-catching emails

Customize email and text content to accompany images and GIFs.

Third party support

Import third party events, GIF and print templates/designs.

Complex, multi-level interfaces

Designed for demanding, creative thinkers who create unique experiences for your clients worldwide.

Dynamic file names and captions

Event Editor uses dynamic file names and automated captioning in any language.

Data sharing

Share data with external applications via XML.

Automate customisation

Event Editor uses event, date, media type and other Breeze tokens to automate labels.

Custom consent and privacy

Event Editor also supports custom consent and privacy notices for users.

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