Welcome to Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone) Part 1- First Steps

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Updated December 2022


Breeze Booth is a powerful photo booth app designed with flexibility, redundancy and creativity in mind, and features the most powerful and flexible interface designer of any iPad app in the industry. Create graphically stunning designs, complex multi-menu navigations, engaging data surveys and custom keyboards. Quickly deploy them to a fleet of iPads using trusted cloud services (Dropbox, iCloud etc) or via your own private and secure web servers. Choose between the simplicity of the iPads built in camera and quality of external DSLR and mirrorless models.

Make it yours. Make it your clients. Breeze Booth can be re-skinned to make it look like your very own photo booth software.


But first, the basics…

Free Trial

You can run Breeze Booth for free for as long as you like – there’s a ten sessions per day limit before a watermark is added to the output. There are very few other restrictions in the free version of Booth. You get full access to the Breeze Companion Apps, and can try our professionally designed events, adapt them to suit your needs and even create your own designs.

There is also no charge to open a Breeze Booth account.  Use your account to buy subscriptions and redeem vouchers so that you can log in your iPads/iPhones.

Got a voucher? Open an account at breezebooth.net to redeem your voucher.

Unlimited photos, videos and GIFs. You need an account with at least one active subscription or voucher to use Breeze Booth for iPad for unlimited sessions.

Pitch without a subscription Any time you pitch to potential clients, pull out your iPhone (or use an iPad) and let them run a session and send themselves a text/email. You only need to log in and use your subscription to shoot more than 10 sessions/day.

Download the App and initial events to your iPad

Which iPad/iPhone should I use?

Breeze Booth runs on all iPads and iPhones running iPadOS 16, iPadOS 15, iOS 16 and iOS 15.

Videos, slow motion and all background removal requiring live view run much better on powerful devices.

We strongly recommend fast recent devices to capture slow motion, post process videos, and offer built in background removal with live view. At the time of writing (May 2022) recommended devices include the 2021 iPad Pro, 2022 iPad Air or 2022 iPhone SE. The A11 processor (2019 or more recent models) is the minimum which can be used.

Once you have downloaded the App, you will be prompted to download two events to your device. These events come ready to run.

Try our free events

There are plenty of free events you can try before taking out a subscription. Find superb free events designed by the Photo Booth Guys, slow motion, AI background removal and other special effects for 360 booths, and more below:

Free events designed by The Photo Booth Guys

Booth includes superb event designs crafted  by The Photo Booth Guys. All work with your iPad/iPhone’s built in cameras, or an external camera.

You will be prompted to download two of these events when you first download the App, and can pull the rest from our website whether or not you have a subscription. Some of these events are quite large, so please be patient when you first download them.

Props & Filters

The Photo Booth Guys have created simple events with a choice of photos or burst GIF, events using AR props and filters, AI based background removal, and surveys.  There is a custom design for roamers, and landscape oriented events which make the most of  external cameras. Some designs share both text and email, others simply email.

Use these events straight from the box, or customize them with the powerful Windows based Event Editor.

You need Twilio account details to send SMS/MMS messages.

Hint: Most demo events are designed for portrait orientation. If you see this icon when you try to run an event, turn the device through 90 degrees.

Turn your iPad/iPhone through 90 degrees if you see this icon.

Video special effects including slow motion, AI background removal, pan and zoom

Try the free video events using some of the special effects showcased on the website

  1. Grid effect
  2. AI background detection
  3. Video overlays
  4. Size and Placement
  5. Pan and zoom

Download these video events here

More free sample events

To download events taking a trip to the moon, offering a guests a choice of AI background before starting the session, and using screens which reflect guests answer to survey questions go to this page



There’s no charge to use your own email host. Booth also includes a free email service which you can use to send 1000 emails/month/subscription.  More

Edit your emails to reflect your or your client’s brand. The powerful Window based Event Editor has an Email template designer where you can add text, logo and social media links. You can also customize the sharing screen and adapt the keyboard for any language.


Breeze uses a third party service called Twilio to text photos, GIFs, videos, and gallery links to guest’s cell phones. You need your own Twilio account to send texts from Breeze. Twilio make a small charge for each message and image they share.

Add your Twilio account details in the App Settings screen before sending texts. More

You can customize text content and screen layout in the Event Editor also.


Breeze Booth Companion Apps

We don’t charge extra for the five Booth Companion Apps, and you get full access to them during the free trial.

Web App

  • Manage subscriptions, users and check on your devices from just about anywhere ( with Internet access). It’s also a handy way to log devices out remotely.

Windows based Companion Apps

  • Event Editor – create and edit designs in the comfort of your own office
  • Hub – fast Windows printing and data collection/analytics
  • Windows Controller – control external cameras and remote troubleshooting

Raspberry Pi Camera Controller App

  • An alternative to using Windows to control external cameras.

Welcome to Breeze Booth Part 2 introduces you to these invaluable Apps

Making the most of Booth ( iPad + iPhone)

Find Welcome to Breeze Booth (iPad+iPhone) Part 2 here

Booth comes with a library of tutorials for new users and a comprehensive online manual.

Booth support page includes support for Breeze Booth companion Apps Event Editor, Camera Controller, Hub & Web App

The Breeze user community on Facebook are also a great resource.

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