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aka DSLR Remote Pro

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Getting started : Editing your prints

Introduction to the Breeze print layout editor. Simple ways to edit your prints without using Photoshop or other image editors.

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Adding borders and overlays to prints in Breeze Booth for Windows

Offer your guests a choice of print borders or overlays on the signing/drawing screen.

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Breeze Tokens - your new best friend

Powerful, surprisingly simple, logical. In this video tutorial Steve introduces Breeze tokens and explains how they can be your new best friend.

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Smart Use of Breeze Shortcuts

Make life easier for your operators - creating event specific versions of Breeze DSLR Remote Pro on your desktop

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Uploading images to Photobooth Online Galerie

Automatic uploading of images to Photobooth Online Galerie
(Requires Breeze Hotfolder Prints)

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